GSK988T Turning Center

GSK988T Turning Center GSK988T is a new CNC controller for siant bed CNC Iathe and tuming center, adopt micro processor of 400MHz high performance. and it can control five feeding axes (including C axis), two analog spindles, real-time comrnunication between GSKLink serial bus and servo unit, the adapted servo motor adapts encoder of absolute type […]

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GSK988T Turning Center

GSK988T is a new CNC controller for siant bed CNC Iathe and tuming center, adopt micro processor of 400MHz high performance. and it can control five feeding axes (including C axis), two analog spindles,
real-time comrnunication between GSKLink serial bus and servo unit, the adapted servo motor adapts encoder of absolute type in high resolution, realize position of 0.1um, and satisfy the requirernents of
comibined processing of turning and milling in high precision. GSK988T is equipped with internet interface, and it supports remote monitor and file transmission and satisfies the requirements of internet education and workshop management. GSK988T is the best choice for stant bed CNC lathe and turning center.


• Five feeding axes(including C axis), any three axes linkage, two analog spindles, support combined processing of tuning
and milling.

• Command unit: 1um or 0.1 um is selected, maximum speed is 60m/min, when ít is 0.1 um, and the maximum speed is

• Adapted with servo unit of GSKLink, and realize servo parameter reading and witing and servo unit real-time monitor.

• Through serial bus. it can extend I/O unit and GSKLink axis.

• Built-in many PLC programs, PLC Iadder diagram is edited or-line, real-time monitor.

• Background edit part program.

• Equipped with internet interface, support remote monitor and file transmission.

• With SB interface, it supporfs file operation, system configuration and sofiware upgrade in flash disk.

• With 8.4” true color LCD, it support two-dimensional traverse path, display in stereogram


Technical Specification

Control axes

• Maximum axes: five axes (including C axis)

• Maximum linkage axes: three axes

• Number of PLC control axes: five axes

• Number of GSKLink axes: two axes

Feeding axis function

• Minimum command unit: 0.001mm or 0.0001rmm is selected.

• Posilion command range: +29999999 x minimum command unit.

• Rapid traverse unit: When the command unit is 0.001mm, the maximum speed is 60m/min.

When the precision is 0.0001mm, the maximum speed is 24m/min.

• Rapid override: Total four levels: F0. 25%, 50% and 100%. real-tirme adjusting.

• Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0~150%, real-time adjusting

• Interpolation mode: Linear, arc, Spiral and polar coordinate interpolation and rigid tapping.

Thread function

• Common thread (following the spindley) / rigid thread.

• Single-headed/multiple thread of straight, taper and terminal surface in metric systemvinch sysiem, equal and variable pitch thread.

• Thread retraction Iength, angle and speed characteristics can be set.

• Thread pitch: 0.01mm~500mm or 0.01inch~9.99inch.

Acceleration and deceleration function

• Cutting feeding: Linear type or index type is selectable.

• Rapid traverse: Linear type.

• Thread cutting: Linear type or index type is selectable.

• The starting speed. finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by the parameter.

Spindle function

• Analog voitage 0V~10V oufput in two channels, spindle encoder feedback in two channels and two-spindle control.

• Spindle speed: it is set by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0rpm~20,000rpm.

• Spindle override: Total 8 levels: 50%~120%, real1ime adjusting.

• Spindle constant surface speed control.

• Rigid tapping.

Tool function

• Tool Ilength compensalion.

• Tool wearing compensation.

• Tool nose radius compensation (C type)

• Tool ife management.

• Methods of setting tools: Tool-setting in fixed position, trial cutting tool-setting, retum to reference point for setting tool

• Tool offset mode: Rewriting coordinate mode, tool traverse mode

Precision compensation

• Backlash compensation

• Pitch error compensation in memory type

PLC function

• 13 types of basic commands, 30 types of function commands

• PLC ladder diagram edit on-line, real1ime monitor

•  PLC program in two Ievels, maximum 5.000 sieps, the refresh cycle of the 1st evel program:8ms

• Support PLC warning and PLC alarm

• Support many PLC programs (maximum 16). the current running PLC program can be selected by parameter

l/O unit

• Basic I/C: Input in 40 points/output in 32 points

• Operation panel I/O: input in 96 points/output in 96 points

• I/O extension: Use GSKLink for exiension, the maximum is to extend two l/O poris, each input in 16 points/output in 8 points

Man-machine interface

• Display in Chinese and English, etc.

• Display in two-dimensional tool path and stereogram

• Servo state monitor

• Servo parameter configuration on-line

• ReaL-time clock

• Help on-line

Operation management

• Operation mode: Auto, manual, edit, MDI, DNC, MPG and reference point retum

• Operation authority of multiple levels management

• Alarm record

• Ime tum off

Editing program

• Program memory capacity: 25M, 10.000 programs (including subprograms, macro programs)

• Editing function: Edit in full screen, support the background edit of part program

• ECditing function: Program/block/character research. rewriting, deleting, block copy/block deleting

• Program format: ISO codes, ít supports the commands without space and hybrid programming of relative coordinate and absolute coordinate

• Macro command: Suppori macro command programming in sentence type

• Calling program: Support the macro program calling with parameter and subprogram nesting of 12 layers

• Grammar check: Check grammer affer editing the programs.

Communication function

• RS232: Transmit the files of part program and parameter, eic, DNC processing. support PLC program and software serial port upgrade.

• USB: File operation, directly process files and support PLC programs in flash disk and sofiware flash disk upgrade.

• LAN: Remote monitor. internet DNC processing, file transmission, support PLC program and rerrtote sofiware upgrade.

Safety function

• Emergency siop

• Hardware travel limit

• Trave limit in many memory types

• Data restoring and recovering

Commands Functions Commands Functions
G00 Rapid traverse G55 Select work piece coordinate System 2
G01 Linear interpolation G56 Select work piece coordinate System 3
G02 cw arc interpolation G57 Select work piece coordinate System 4
G03 ccw arc interpolation G58 Select work piece coordinate System 5
G04 Dwell, exact stop G59 Select work piece coordinate System 6
G12.1 Polar coordinates interpolation G65 Macro program non-mode calling
G13.1 Cancel Polar coordinates interpolation G66 Macro program mode calling
G17 Select XpYp plane G67 Cancel Macro program mode calling
G18 Select ZpXp plane G70 Finishing cycle
G19 Select YpZp plane G71 Axial roughing cycle
G20 Input System inch G72 Radial roughing cycle
G21 Input System metric G73 Closed cutting cycle
G22 Check memory travel G74 Axial grooving cycle
G23 Cancel memory travel check G75 Radial grooving cycle
G28 Reference point return G76 Multiple thread cutting cycle
G30 Reference poỉnts of 2nd, 3rd and 4th return G80 Cancel tapping cycle
G31 Jumping function G84 Tapping cycle on face
G32 Cut in equal thread pitch G88 Tapping cycle on sỉde
G34 Cut in variable thread pitch G90 Axial cutting cycle
G40 Canceling tool nose radius compensation G92 Thread cutting cycle
G41 Tool nose radius left compensation G94 Radial cutting cycle
G42 Tool nose radius right compensatỉon G96 Constant surface speed control
G50 Set work piece coordinate System G97 Cancel constant suríace speed control cancel
G52 Set part coordinate System G98 Feed per minute
G53 Set machine coordinate System G99 Feed per rev
G54 Select work piece coordinate System 1


Communiecation Software PLC and Ladder Diagram Editing Software

The communication software GSIComm and PLC ladder diagram editing software GSKLadder of GSK988T are all run in WINDDOWS98 /2000/XP. User can edit part program on PC, upload and download files of part program, parameter. tool compensation and thread compensation, etc between PC and CNC,
as well as DNC real-time processing. The machine manufacturer can edit the ladder diagram on GSKLadder of PC, upload and download PLC program between PC and CNC also.


Remote Monitor Software: GSKMonitor

GSKMonitor runs under WIN98/2000/XP, and remote helps and monitors GSK988T through LAN interface.

Servo State Diagnosis And Monitor

Through GSKLink, GSK988T realizes diagnosis and monitor of servo state (command position, feeding position, motor speed and motor current, etc.)


Contour Dimension



Operation Panel (A type) Overall Dimension


Operation Panel (B type) Overall Dimension

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