GSK980TDa CNC Controller

GSK980TDa CNC Controller GSK980TDa is a new product based on GSK980TD, its display is 7” color wide-screen LCD, adds PLC axis control, parabola/circular interpolation, statement macro command, automatic chamfer, tool life nanagemert, tool wear cormmpensation and so on. The added G31/G36/G37 can execute the jump and automatic tool compensation. The system clock can display the […]

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GSK980TDa CNC Controller

GSK980TDa is a new product based on GSK980TD, its display is 7” color wide-screen LCD, adds PLC axis control, parabola/circular interpolation, statement macro command, automatic chamfer, tool life nanagemert, tool wear cormmpensation and so on. The added G31/G36/G37 can execute the jump and automatic tool compensation. The system clock can display the alarm log.

The system can be display in Chinese, English and Spanish. As the upgraded product of GSK980TD, GSK980TDa is optimum option for the widespread CNC turning machine.

Controlled axes(X, Y, Z), link axes (X, Z), 0.001mm interpolation precision and max. rapid traverse speed 30,000mm/min, linear/arc interpolation

Least command increment 0.001, electronic ratio (132767) / (1~32767)

Pitch error compensation, backlash compensation, tool length compensation, tool wear compensation and tool nos:
radius compensation

Embedded PLC, ladder edit in the PC to be downloaded to CNC

S, exponential acceleration/deceleration control to meet high speed and high precision machining

Tapping to machine metric/inch single/multiple straight, taper thread, end face thread, variable pitch thread, high speed thread run out with set retraction distance, angle and speed

Metric/inch programming, automatic chamfering. tool Iife management

Statement macro command programming. macro program call with parameters

Chinese and English display window selected by the parameter

Large memory capacity (6144KB,384 part programs) with full screen edit

Clock, dafe, time power-on hold

Convenient management with muitilevel operation password

Bidirectional communication between CNC and PC, CNC and CNC; upgrading communication CNC sofiware and PLC programs

Installation dimension, electric interface, corwnands are compatible to GSK980TD

Motion control Controllable axes: X, Z, Y; simultaneous controllable axes (interpolation axes): 2 (X, Z)
Interpolation: X, z linear arc interpolation
Maximum programmable dimensions: -9999.999mm~9999.999mm, least command increment 0.001m
Electronic gear: command multiply 1~32767 and command division 1~32767
Rapid traverse speed: max. 30000mm/min
Rapid override: F0, 25%, 50%, 100%
Cutting feedrate: max.15000mm/minor 500mm/rev(feedrate per rev)
Feedrate override: 16 steps 0~150%
Manual teedrate: 16 steps 0~1260mm/min
MPG feedrate: 0.001 mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm
Acceleration/deceleration: S acceleration/deceleration for rapid traverse, and exponential acceleration/deceleration for cutting feed
Automatic chamfering function
G command 43 G commands: G00; G01: G02, G03, G04: G05, G6.2, G6.3, G7.2, G7.3, G10, G11, G20, G21, G28, G30, G3Ị G32, G33, G34, G36, G37, G40, G41, G42, G50, G65, G70, G66, G67, G71, G72, G73, G74, G75, G76, G90, G92, G94, G96, G97, G98, G99, macro command G65 to execute 27 kinds of calculation logic operation and program skipping
Thread machining Tapping: metric/inch, single/multiple, straight thread, taper thread, end face thread, variable pitch thread Thread run out with set retraction distance, angel and speed: pitch: 0.001 mm~500mm or 0.06~254 tooth/ inch
Spindle encoder: lines can be set (100 p/r~5000p/r)
Drive ratio betvveen encoder and spindle: (1~255) : (1~255)
Precision compensation Backlash compensation: 0mm~2.000mm
Pich error compensation: 255 compensation points/axis, compensation
value/point: ±0.255mmXcompensation override
Tool compensation: 32 groups tool length compensation, tool nose radius compensation (tool compensation C)
Toolsetting method: fixed-point, trial cutting
Tool compensation executing methods: traversing tool or coordinate offset
M command  M commands (no repetition): M02, M30, M98, M99, M9000~M9999
Other commands are defined and executed by PLC programs
M commands defined by Standard PLC program: M00, M03, M04, M05, M08, M09, M10, M11, M12, M13, M32, M33, M41 M42, M43, M44
Spindle speed  Speed switching value control: command is defined and executed by PLC programs, S1, S2, and S4 is specified by Standard PLC programs directly output and so closes S1, S2, S3, S4 output.
Speed analog voltage control: S commands specitying the spindle speed per minute or the cutting surface speed (constant surface speed control), 0~1V voltage to spindle converter, 4 gears spindle speed with stepless shitting gear
PLC function 9 elementary commands, 23 functional commands, 2-level PLC program, max. 5000 steps, execution 2 MS for each step, retresh cycle 8ms for 1st level program; each axis speciíied to be PLC controlled axis; ladder diagram editing sottvvare, PLC program communication dovvnload
PLC function  Integrated machine control panel: 41 input points (press keys), 42 output points (LED) )
I/O interiaces: 16 input points /16 output points, up to 32 input signals/32 output signals
Displaying window Display: 480X234 lattice, 7″ color wide-screen liquid crystal display(LCD)
Display method: Chinese or English or Spanish or Russian window is set by a parameter, displaying machining path of v/orkpiece
Program edit  Program capacity: 6144KB, max. 384 programs, customer macro program cal and four-embedded subprogram
Editing method: edit in full screen. Statement macro command programming; incremental coordinates: absolute coordinate and compound coordinates programming
Communication Two-way communicating programs and parameters betvveen CNC and PC, CNC and CNC; communicat upgrade, PLC programs serial dovvnload upgrade
Optional drive unit  DA98 series digital AC servo drive unit or DY3 series stepper drive unit with input pulse and direction signal.


G Commands

Commands Functions Commands Functions
G00 Rapid traverse G50 Coordinate System setting
G01 Linear interpolation G65 Macro command
G02 CW arc interpolation G70 Finishing cycle
G03 CCW arc interpolation G71 Axial roughing cycle
G04 Dwell G72 Radial roughing cycle
G10 Data input ON G73 Closed cutting cycle
G11 Data input OFF G74 Multial grooving cycle
G20 Input in inch G75 Radial grooving cycle
G21 Input in metric G76 Multiple thread cutting cycle
G28 Reference point return G90 Axial cutting cycle
G30 Return to 2nd, 3rd, 4th reference point G92 Thread cutting cycle
G32 Variable thread cutting G94 Radial cutting cycle
G33 Z tapping cycle G96 Constant suríace speed control
G34 Thread cutting with variable lead G97 Constant suríace speed control cancel
G40 Canceling tool nose radius compensation G98 Feed per minute
G41 Tool nose radius compensation left of contour G99 Feed per rev
G42 Tool nose radius compensation right of contour


Macro Command List  

GSK980TDa adds the statement marco command function with G65 marco command of GSK980TD. The marco command format list of G65 statement is as follows:

Function G65 macro command tormat Statement macro command format
Assigned value G65 H01 p#i Q#j; #i=#j;
Decimal addition operation G65 H02 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j+#k;
Decimal subtraction operation G65 H03 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j-#k;
Decimal multiplication operation G65 H04 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j*#k;
Decimal division operation G65 H05 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j/#k;
Binary addition (operation) G65 H011 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j OR #k;
Binary multiplication (operation) G65 H012 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j AND #k;
Binary OR G65 H013 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=#j XOR #k;
Decimal square root G65 H021 p#i Q#j; #i=SQRT(#j);
Decimal absolute value G65 H022 p#i Q#j; #i=ABS(#j);
Decimal remainder G65 H023 p#i Q#j R#k; None
ROUND function None #i=ROUND(#j);
Rounding up to an integer None #i=FUP(#j);
Rounding down to an integer None #i=FIX(#j);
Natural logarithm None #i=LN(#j);
Exponential function None #i=EXP(#j);
Decimal to binary G65 H24 p#i Q#j; #i=BIN(#j);
Binary to decimal G65 H25 p#i Q#j; #i=BCD(#j);
Decimal multiplication/division operation G65 H026 p#i Q#j R#k; None
Multiplex square root G65 H027 p#i Q#j R#k; None
Sine G65 H031 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=SIN(#j);
Inverse sine None #i=ASIN(#j);
Cosine G65 H032 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=COS(#j);
Inverse cosine None #i=TAN(#j);
Tangent G65 H033 p#i Q#j R#k; #i=ATAN(#j);
Inverse tangent G65 H034 p#i Q#j R#k; GOTOn;
Unconditional jump G65 H80 Pn; IF(#j==#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j EQ #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 1 G65 H081 p#i Q#j R#k; IF(#j<>#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j NE #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 2 G65 H082 p#i Q#j R#k; IF(#j>#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j GT #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 3 G65 H083 p#i Q#j R#k; IF(#j<#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j LT #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 4 G65 H084 p#i Q#j R#k; IF(#j>=#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j GE #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 5 G65 H085 p#i Q#j R#k; IF(#j<=#k) GOTO n; or
IF(#j LE #k) GOTO n;
Unconditional jump 6 G65 H086 p#i Q#j R#k;
User alarm G65 H099 Pn; IF (conditional expression)
THEN macro program statement
IF (conditional expression) GOTO n;
Condition control
Cycle control None WHILE (conditional expression) DO m;

END m;


PLC Command List

Name Function Name Function
LD Read normally-open contact CODB Binary conversion
LDI Read normally-closed contact ROTB Binary rotation control
OUT Output coil MOVN Data copy
AND Normally-open contact in series DECB Binary decoding
ANI Normally-closed contact in series JMPB Program jumping
OR Parallel normally-open contact SP Subprogram label
ORI Parallel normally-closed contact SPE End of subprogram
ORB Parallel series Circuit block ADDB Binary addition
ANB Parallel Circuit block in series SUBB Binary subtracting
END1 End of grade one program ALT Alternative output
END2 End of grade two program DIFU Rising edge detection
SET Set DIFD Failling edge detection
RST Reset MOVE Logical AND
CMP Comparative set PARI Parity check
CTRC Counter LBL Program jump label
TMRB Timer Processing CALL Subprogram call


• Type signification

GSK980TDa-B GSK980TDa matching with AP01 (445mm × 345mm × 182mm)
Type Specification
GSK980TDa 420mm×260mm aluminum alloy operator panel


• Standard functions

All functions in the provided technical specifications include: Max. rapid traverse speed 30,000 mm/min, max.

feedrate 15,000 mm/mịn, pitch error compensation, tool nose radius compensation, tool life management, automatic chamfering, PLC axis control, spindle analog voltage control (converterspindle),commmunication, 32 input Sgnal and 32 output signals.

Standard PLC ladder supporting the electric tool post with 2~8 tool selections, Yantai AK31, changzhou SWBD post, and 4-gear spindle automatic shifting gear (only test 1st and 2nd gear), hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tailstock, safequard, three-color lamp, external MPG (adapted to PSG-100-05E/L, ZSSY2080) and so on.

• Standard accessories

Switch Power: GSK-PB2 (assembled at the back of CNC)

Connector assemblu: CNC interfaces are connected by one set of plug (DB9 femalex2, DB15 malex3, DB25 femalex2, DB25 malex2)

Note: Corresponding plugs along with cables are supplied when they along with other components including driver unit are delivered.

Accessory cables: 12m 10-core shield cable (X, Y, Z axis, input interface XS40/XS41, output interface XS39/XS)
9m 8-core shield cable (spindle encoder, input interface XS40/XS41, output interface XS39/XS42);
3m 4-core shield cable (converter interface);

Note: The above-mentioned cables as wires(not be welded) are supplied. Signal cables with welded plugs are supplied when a whole set of drive unit and the tool post controller are delivered. The requirements for cable length and welding should be remarked in the order list.
Technical documents: GSK980TDa Turning Machine CNC System User Manual (without PLC User Manual)

• Optional accessories

Communication cable A: serial communication cable 5mx1 between PC and CNC (for end user and machine tool manufacturer)

Communication cable B: serial communication cable 5mx1 between CNC and CNC (for machine tool manufactu used for installing and debugging the System)
Communication disc: communication software TDComm installation disc x1
Ladder programming software: GSKCC installation disc x1

MPG: Dongxin RE45T1S05B1(option: P99 or Changchun LGF-001-100(option: Ti

Additional panel: AP01 (aluminum alloy 420x711mm) can be assembled under of GSK980TD Operator panel;
AP02 Caluminum alloy 100x260mm) can be assembled at the side of GSK980TD operator panel;
Emergent stop button: LAY3-02ZS/1( it has been installed when GSK980TDa-B is delivered);
No self-locking button: KH-516-B11(green or red);
Self-locking button: K9 nccen or red);
I/O transfer terminal block: MCT03
Note: one set of I/O transfer cable (with 26-core shield cable, DB25 male/female socket) when MCT03 is match

• Order

Remarks in the order:

a) Product type (GSK980TDa, GSK980TDa-B) , quantity

b) Type and number of assembly (drive unit, isolated transformer)

c) Length and connection of accessory cable

d) Name, type, quantity, installation & connection requirerments of optional accessories

Whether PLC program(ladder) is provided with special requirements.

GSK980TDa Turning Machine CNC Rear Interface Layout


• GSK980TDa Appearance Dimension

Additional panel AP01


I/O splice transfer terminal block MCT03


• GSK980TDa-B Appearance Dimension

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